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sh_293437100-bd13f1d6e3cbd051f81e67419bfb4122Size does matter!!!! It concerns various spheres of life. However, a lot of men have problem with the most intimate one. This is after all a sphere that supposed to give the man a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment. However, the problem of size of the penis can be so paralyzing that sometimes it makes difficult, or even impossible to intercourse. Reasons for this situation are plenty. Firstly, almost every man was checking out the length of his penis. I suspect that not only once. And the results of these measurements are what they are. It often causes complexes. “How am I going to show my girlfriend something like that? She’ll laugh at me”. “I won’t be able to satisfy any woman with that junk, HELP”. Of course we can’t forget about comparing dongers and that growing uncertainty… mine is smaller for sure…
Not without a reason a huge amount of porn movies are very popular. Actors, who are truly well gifted, can boast with the equipment due to which every standard man would get depressed. During Kanamara Matsuri it can be clearly noticed how important IT is for girls and women.Take a look……

There seem to be a lot of solutions for this problem but in order to find the best, one has to delve into the problem. Nothing else but the anatomy plays the key role in here, which is the construction of this male organ, commonly known as a penis. Some time ago I came across a topic, where people were talking about the determinants of the size of the penis. Here’s a quote: “The size of a penis is related to the alignment of Jupiter’s moons during birth” …. Well, that’s not true.
The size of the penis is not a constant. It varies, depending on many factors. On some of them we don’t have impact, but on the others we do. Penis can become smaller because of diet. Alcohol and cigarettes reduce the penis. Even our sexual activity and stress have impact on it. Man, who is unhappy with his equipment avoids being intimate with anyone but if something like that happens, he stresses himself out so much that his erection does not occur or passes very quickly. This, on the other hand, can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. No man should struggle with that problem.
What can we do if we already did everything, and penis is still not as big as we would want it to be?
There are some ways to fight with unsatisfactorily small penis. You can try very popular extenders. However, using them cause a lot of pain and can be extremely dangerous for your health. To all those who think about this solution. Just a few pictures and some descriptions – that’s all you need to see the effects after using this invention. A successful intercourse won’t be the first thing you will think about with the problem like that:
You can also undergo surgery but even here there is a very high risk of complications. And these problems can be permanent, problems that will complicate life to both men and your penis. But that’s not the point. The idea is to have a pleasure, not humiliation and pain. We can’t forget about the effects. However, this procedure doesn’t have big impact on the size of your penis during erection – some sources say they got approximately 1 cm. So, guys who decide on this kind of procedure (it takes up to two hours while being partially anesthetized), can at most count on the fact that only men in the locker room or on the nudist beach will look at you with envy.

Why not?

On the website of some clinic we can read pretty clear warning: “We are no interested in correcting procedures after unsuccessful operations that were carried out in other clinics or fixing the patients who have done some bad things to themselves by using stretching devices purchased on the Internet”.
However, there is a completely natural way to regain the joy from successful sexual intercourse. You just need to seriously take into account the power of natural ingredients that will make your penis grow like a weed.


It is a natural dietary supplement in the form of capsules. Its main job is to directly impact on the corpora cavernosa inside your penis and improve their efficiency and absorbency. As a result, the penis length and thickness as well as the time of erection shall increase!

It’s all thanks to natural ingredients, which cause that we don’t need any doctor appointments. All substances used in order to produce XtraSize come from crops grown by legitimate producers, who specialize in cultivating herbs and plants for medical and dietary purposes.
The production process of XtraSize is under strict control on every stage. Thanks to the efforts and diligence of the manufacturer who works about the process of production of this preparation, you can be certain the quality that each package has.
Unique preparation formula prevents from manufacturing fakes with poorer quality ingredients, so when you buy XtraSize, you will feel confidence and safety.


The power of natural ingredients is your power!

XtraSize is suitable for men of any age, and you don’t need to change your lifestyle when you begin the treatment. During curation, you are free to drink alcohol, smoke and taking other dietary products including supplements. All you have to do is take one capsule of XtraSize per day after the morning meal.

cisza_400x400On the first place – Discretion!

XtraSize is purchased in original foil package. We will make sure that no unauthorized person will know what kind of product was ordered. Your order will be additionally packed in a discrete, grey paper bag delivered to your own hands by a courier.
If you want to make your intimate life bigger and more interesting, join to other men who have learned that size really does matter….


  1. kickinthemebs

    I’ve been exercising but to be honest it has brought poor results. I dug on the Internet and so I came across on XtraSize. It is a dietary supplement in the forms of pills. I had large complexes on that matter. From 11 cm I had 14 (while during erection it’s the same). The pills are safe.

  2. closed066

    Yes, sure, keep telling yourself that the small is cool. However, most women prefer the big ones. Or at least normal size. The worst thing is to have a small one and thin like a worm. Pure tragedy. There’s nothing worse. And woman will never tell you the truth to not offend you.

  3. TRish

    Unfortunately guys but for many women (I’m not saying that for all of them) size is very important. And it’s not only the length but also the thickness and construction. Personally, I do not require extreme sizes, but technique, your partner’s efforts or even some feelings to each other won’t save the day if penis is too small. I couldn’t date someone with whom I do not feel the satisfaction during penetration. I’m just normal, young woman, I haven’t had a child yet, there’s nothing wrong with my vagina. I just like to FEEL a man inside me, and penis is not without the reason a label of “masculinity” :)

  4. neh

    I was once with a guy who had 5 cm… what a train wreck. My first impression was that there is nothing else but balls, but then…. Well, there was nothing for me to do there :)

  5. GellyBride

    It’s true, the size matters, so sorry gentlemen, but as you expect miracles, so do women expect something more than just a small bird, and this is on what healthy women pay attention :)

  6. Bigo

    These silly talks about the big one and small one aren’t from the guys’ complexes but from the fact that women prefer large ones. If the woman says it’s not important for her, then she’s lying. It’s like a guy saying he prefers small breasts from large, natural ones.

  7. burtybasset

    If the size would really not matter, then women wouldn’t choose vibrators in “legitimate” sizes. It does matter, so they order in sex shops particular size of dildos.


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