Erection problem at 18 – causes and solutions

Possible reasons for an erection disorder in young men and the solutions considered.

The erectile dysfunction is characterized by sexual failures or difficulties in hard erection for a long time. In general, this type of pathology affects men over 50 who have a drop in their testosterone and often have prostate problems. Nevertheless, it can happen that young adults of 18 years of age suffer from these kinds of problems which can be very debilitating since they often discover their sexuality and they need to reassure themselves about their capacity to be effective with their partners. When a young adult is having difficulty bandaging, it may be a good idea to make a check-up visit to your general practitioner, and if nothing is discovered, you should know that there are simple solutions to be implemented to improve the quality of the erection and boost his libido .

Erectile disorders in young adults are often easily identifiable

It is quite easy to identify the causes that disturb the erectile function of young adults, indeed there are a multitude of factors that can be at the root of these disorders, I suggest you to discover the main ones.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle and an unbalanced diet are often a reality for young people who lack the time and money to consume organic products of good quality, and who are increasingly sedentary, which is a favorable ground for not only erectile dysfunction but also the quality and quantity of sperm produced.
  • The stress of exams and entry into the workforce is one of the major factors in erectile dysfunction, which in about 70% of cases is the result of psychological rather than physiological problems.
  • The anxieties related to sexual performance are also reasons that make it difficult for some boys to have a quality erection, insofar as they are always afraid of disappointing their partners, besides they undergo the diktat pornographic films that have actors with oversized sexes always erect.
  • Smoking is responsible for impotence and the most serious erectile dysfunction, note that cannabis is responsible for the same symptoms.

Natural treatments to treat erection problems in 18-year-olds

All problems experienced by an 18 year old are generally reversible, and can be cured quite easily, as they are the result of a psychological problem or bad habits. It can be interesting to use herbal products and vitamins to restore balance in your body. I suggest you discover the easiest solutions to implement.

  • Remember to have a good night, at least 8 hours a night, indeed insomnia and fatigue decreases the quality of erections.
  • Avoid being overweight and you will see a rapid improvement in your libido
  • Have a sex life as fulfilling as possible, avoid staying several weeks without ejaculating, even if you have no partners, you must masturbate.
  • Do physical exercises several times a week.

You can also consume certain plants and take vitamins

  • Ginger and garlic are excellent for stimulating erection
  • Broccoli and cabbage ensure proper functioning of the prostate.
  • Hawthorn has beneficial properties for the genital tract.
  • Zinc and magnesium will boost your natural defenses.
  • Tribulus terrestris and Tongkat ali will stimulate your erections and allow you to be harder and stay longer.

In conclusion, if you have difficulty banding at 18, it may be interesting to seek the advice of a doctor, but it is certainly a temporary problem that can be easily resolved if you know how to identify it . Do not hesitate to use natural products to help you improve your libido .

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