How to ejaculate more cum and squirt further

Discover the methods to ejaculate more sperm.

When sexologists are asked about the questions their patients ask them at appointments, most answer that men question them first of all about the size of their penis, then the amount of cum they ejaculate during their sex. Indeed, these two questions show that men need to feel manly with their partners, and the possibility of ejaculating more sperm allows them to reassure themselves. Men also equate the amount of sperm produced with the possibility of even greater enjoyment, but studies have shown that this is not necessarily linked. There are simple methods and natural products that can help you boost your sperm production.

A healthy lifestyle increases your sperm production

As with everything and we will never remember it enough but lifestyle is essential to ensure normal production of sperm and increase the fertility of them. This goes through several basic tips that are easy enough to respect in everyday life.

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters every day
  • Avoid irritating drinks such as tea or coffee and alcohol.
  • Eat in a balanced way, focusing on vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and asparagus that have special properties to ensure good health throughout the genital tract.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day to avoid being overweight.
  • Avoid smoking which decreases sperm production and affects the quality of erection.
  • Have regular sexual activity.

Techniques to stimulate sperm production and ejaculate with more pressure

There are several methods that are fairly easy to set up. First, you can avoid having sex for a few days, which allows you to have abundant ejaculation, since the testes need some time to make new sperm. In addition, masturbating without ejaculating and then releasing the pressure before starting again can significantly increase the pressure during ejaculation. It can also be interesting to strengthen the perineum since it will improve your sex life, giving you the opportunity to have larger erections and much better quality.

Commercially available products that improve your ejaculation

As with all dietary supplements, you have to pay close attention to what you are taking, and it may be wise to seek the advice of a health professional such as a doctor or simply your pharmacist. However, there are natural products that will allow you to both increase the volume of sperm produced but also the pressure and pleasure that you will feel during your enjoyment.

These products often contain arginine which increases the production of sperm, as well as their speed, but also zinc which ensures a good functioning of the whole male reproductive system. Finally, many plants that are also found in herbal medicine have an aphrodisiac power and are effective to further improve your libido, including Tribulus terrestris, but also Mucuna pruriens or Asparagus racemosus.

It is important to understand that every man is different, the amount of sperm that he will be able to produce varies from one individual to another, nevertheless respecting all the advice above, you will succeed to stimulate considerably your production. of spermatozoa, which will dramatically improve your sexuality.

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