How to get harder, stronger, and lasting erections

To have a strong erection powerful and that lasts the time of pleasure, you do not need to run to the pharmacy to buy you viagra. To have a powerful erection and to prolong, the secret has everything simple: change your habits of life. This is the advice that most researchers and health professionals give to their patients. Here are five tips to help you get a great erection without viagra.

1. You must lose weight if you are overweight.

A drop in testosterone levels in the body, can cause sexual disorders including a bad erection. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, a sign of masculinity, virility and fertility. When you are overweight, testosterone levels naturally drop in the body. Why ? Because body fat releases its enzymes into the body that neutralizes DHT, a hormone essential for the production of testosterone. Abdominal fat is responsible for the production of these enzymes. To lose weight, in addition to having a balanced diet, put yourself to the sport. Studies have shown that exercising regularly for at least an hour a day will help you have the best sexual health.

2. You must quit

Smoking is one of the causes of sexual disorders. Studies have shown that smoking is the leading factor in atherosclerosis and high blood pressure among smokers. Because having a good erection requires a good blood flow and the penis is one of the most vascularized organs, the narrowing of the artery walls at this point will prevent you from having a satisfactory erection. If you have problems with erection, and you are a smoker, know that smoking is the first person responsible for your situation .

3. You can try natural dietary supplements

Natural dietary supplements allow you to have a powerful erection without taking viagra . These supplements naturally produce the same “sexual” properties as viagra. The advantage is that they are natural and without side effects. These supplements are: beet juice for the production of nitric oxide in the body needs for a good blood circulation, the tribulus terrestris also called the vegetable viagra is a plant whose consumption makes it possible to regulate the production of testosterone, the epimedes often found in Chinese medicine and which increases sexual performance in men, Ginseng is an excellent tonic for the body, and many more.

4. Learn to strengthen your perineum

Kegel exercises allow you to strengthen your perineum . The perineum is the part of your body that lies between your sex and your anus. Regular exercise, which was previously counseling postpartum women as a solution to incontinence problems, can also help improve your sex life.

5. Stop watching porn

The porn addiction can impact very negatively your sexual health, but also the quality of your erections will be increasingly unsatisfactory. If you are in this situation and you have a bad erection, you simply have to stop porn and go back to real life to improve your sexual health.

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