How to grow a bigger penis

The size of a penis has always been considered a major asset for humans and this includes both length and diameter. When it’s small, it can put him in an embarrassing situation with his partner and he will begin to wonder how to have a big and long penis.

The situation can even create in him a blockage and psychological disorders. Fortunately, there are solutions to having a big and long penis.

The penis is considered a symbol of virility, fertility and because of this, its size is always taken into consideration.

On one side, some women have some complex face to their small breasts and on the other side, men are not satisfied with the length of their sexual organ.

There are many men who care seriously about their small phallus, especially at rest. In fact, it is at this stage that they have opportunities to make comparisons and to look in every way to find out how to have a big and long penis.
Wearing a swimsuit or tight pants, they may think that this can be noticed and affect their manhood.

When a man finds that his penis does not have the proper length, he may have less confidence in him. Over time, he may lose his self-esteem and seductive power.

In addition, this affects her intimate relationship with her partner and she is afraid that she will make remarks or feel uncomfortable.

He may also have fears about his sexual performance.

To avoid all this hassle, several men in this situation are looking for ways to enlarge their penis in length and diameter. It even turns out that this becomes a usual practice, because their number is constantly increasing.

It is the same for advanced solutions to help them regain their manhood and feel satisfied after sex.

A man who wonders how to have a big and long penis can face several solutions:

● How to have a big and long penis: Natural solutions:
A healthy and balanced diet is recommended because it provides the body with the nutrients it needs, especially during cell multiplication.
There are also manual exercises: wet a small towel and place it around the phallus, 2 to 3 minutes before doing the physical training. Put the towel back, for the same period, when it’s finished.
For more details, we invite you to read our articles “Natural methods to enlarge his penis” and “Tips to enlarge his sex naturally”.

● How to have a big and long penis: The devices:
Penis pumps help to increase blood volume for a lasting erection and penis expanders provide progressive traction on the penis.
They allow to obtain 5 cm more in length and 3 cm in width, after a few months of use. Andropenis is a nonsurgical device to gain 4 cm in length.

● How to have a big and long penis: Medical Solutions
There are enlargement pills that increase the size of the cavernous body as well as the influx of blood, favorable to erection. The best known are:

Male Extra, (read our test)
SizeGain Plus (read our test)
and VigRX (read our test)
It is also possible to perform cosmetic surgery. The result is the lengthening of the phallus after section of ligament and / or its thickening, after implantation of fat above the skin.

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