How Turmeric Can Make You Healthier

In use for over 2,500 years, India has shown the world the healing powers of turmeric. Over time, numerous benefits of this bright yellow powder has brought to light a number of other uses. Yes, most people use it as a spice, and it comes as no surprise that it was formerly used as a dye for fabrics, but today’s research has shown it can be beneficial in healing a number of other ailments and conditions.


Turmeric has recently been shown to have a dramatic effect on both prostate and skin cancers. While certainly much more study must be done, one trial found that when this Indian spice is combined with certain vegetables, it may actually prevent prostate cancer or even stop/slow the expansion of an existing tumor. The active component in turmeric, curcumin, has experts feeling optimistic, as a recent study found the component caused melanoma cells to self destruct, and using the ingredient topically can help fight against squamous cell carcinoma.


Everyone knows chemotherapy has long been used in the battle to fight cancerous cells of various types. According to researchers in California, curcumin augments a common form of chemo doctors used to treat cancers. The combination of curcumin and cisplatin were shown to work far better than the chemotherapy alone. Further research finds turmeric makes the cancer cells more susceptible to the treatment as well as keeps the healthy cells safe from the harmful effects of chemo.


Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits found in turmeric resides in the brain. Experts have seen the low incidents of Alzheimer’s disease in the aging population of India and are hypothesizing that it may be the consumption of turmeric in their diets. Current research shows the curcumin may prevent or at the least, slow the progression of this awful disease.

To find out more about how to make your own turmeric bombs, learn more here. While there is no guarantee this spice/dye will be the end all cure some proclaim it to be, it’s certain there are some health benefits from its consumption.