How X movies cause erection problems

The graphic representation of sex is not new

Written between the sixth and seventh century, Kamasutra , is still today a reference book on sexuality. However the twentieth century has experienced a revolution at this level due to technical advances including video. The documentary of Henri Gigoux ” a century of pleasure ” shows this evolution well until the end of the 20th century. In the 2000s Internet has upset the sexuality of many people. These changes have caused the explosion of an addiction: that to porn, One of the consequences of this addiction, often male, is impotence in a classic sexuality, which seems often insipid,

The almost unlimited access brought of all of a distorted reality

The porn , which first sold under the counter and then bought more or less shamefully at a newsagent no longer needs to move. There is no barrier to immediate access to an almost infinite amount of content. Just do a search on the internet to access, often for free, content whose variety can satisfy all fantasies. In addicted people the search for new videos, more and more time-consuming, amplifies and maintains this dependence. Videos representing a “simple” sexuality are not long enough to satisfy the growing appetite of these men, It takes more and more to achieve erection and return to real life can quickly prove difficult giving rise to impotence.

The porn that was before quite clearly divergent in its representation of the so-called ” classical ” sexuality , saw through the Internet, the explosion of the number of amateur videos or so-called amateurs. Addicted men have the impression that their real sexuality is uninteresting and take refuge in this virtual world. Difficult then to have an erection without these stimuli.

A drug like any other

Like all drugs, addiction to pornography ends up having the opposite effect of the one originally sought: impotence. The quick and easy excitement of the beginnings is quickly replaced by an endless quest for movie x dealers and new content. What allowed to spice up his sexuality at first becomes a poison that gradually extinguishes the ability to have an erection out of the framework of these ” virtual ” representations , Porn is no longer complementary but becomes exclusive.

Like other drugs, addiction increases the threshold of sensitivity to the product that is sexuality here, through porn. To obtain an effect, here an erection, requires more and more ” product “, which ordinary sexuality with a single partner can no longer fill and therefore excite. It’s the beginning of helplessness

In our society of ” free time ” porn is a response to boredom, However when the latter takes too much space in the sexuality of a person, It is often impotence that shows the tip of his nose . As the saying goes ” usus, fructus, non abusus “!

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