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Methods of Eye Care The body is made of many parts. Some of the parts of the body are legs, hands, skins, nose, ears, and eyes. The protection of every part of the body is very important. It is very hard for us to continue with our daily activities when one part of the body is ailing. A diseased part of the body makes the whole body be abnormal. There are several techniques of protecting different parts of the body. Attire can help in the protection of the parts of the body. It is possible to protect the skin of the body from external elements and physical injuries by wearing attire. Shoes protect the legs from physical injuries. Caps protect our hair from dust and scorching sun. Medical checkups can aid in taking care of our parts of the body. Far an example we can be visiting dentists regularly for teeth checkup. It is possible to protect our body by using drugs. We have for an example the use of ointments on the skin to protect it from harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. The eye is very crucial as part of our body. We see everything visible by use of eyes. Having a defective eye is very dangerous. There are some defects of the eye and their cure methods. We have astigmatism as a problem of the eye that comes from a reshaped cornea.
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This makes a person to partially see. The remedy to this defect is to undergo a laser eye surgery or use the appropriate lenses. The cause of conjunctivitis is a viral or bacterial infection. The result of this conjunctivitis the stucking of eyelids when in sleep. The treatment of this condition is the use of medicines to cure viral or bacterial infections. We have dry eye as a defect that can be brought by allergens.
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Symptoms of dry eye is irritation and excess watering. We can treat this problem by use of liquid drugs to kill allergens. It is good to protect our eyes at all times. There are many methods of protecting eyes. It should be our routine to drink a lot of water in the day time. The function of water is to aid in detoxifying the eye and the entire body. We should take healthy foods to improve the general health of the eye. It has been known for foods such as vegetables and fruits to have beta carotene that is beneficial in improving the eyesight. It is possible to protect our eye by wearing sunglasses during a sunny day. Harmful U.V light can destroy our eyes. We can take care of our eyes by failing to rub them when feeling an irritation. It is possible to remedy irritation of an eye by closing it.