Jelq: Lubrication is essential

During the practice of Jelq exercise, it is important to lubricate the penis well . This is necessary because an exercise of 25 to 30 minutes without good lubrication can irritate or warm the skin. You can use the lubrication you want, but by experience, we advise you to use petroleum jelly or baby oil. Some men use soap or a shower bath as a lubricant, but it is prohibited. Also, forget the lubricants that evaporate too quickly, because in this way, you will be forced to apply often, and this may compromise your concentration when practicing Jelq.

The small inconveniences at the beginning of the exercises

Jelqing is very effective at lengthening and thickening the male penis, and it is quite normal to notice small bruises, bruises or red dots on the penis. However, if there is pain, stop exercising, and take a few days’ rest for your penis to heal. Only after that can you get back to it. It is therefore in your interest to warm up well before proceeding with the Jelq exercise. If you notice a bruise or blue during the exercise, stop for a moment to rest, there is nothing pressing. Only repeat the exercise if the blue fades or disappears.

Always keep in mind that you are doing this program in order to enlarge your penis and not to hurt yourself. If your sex has bruises and if you have decided to stop for a few days, you can still achieve PC muscle contractions. These are very easy to do and can be done anywhere since they do not require any equipment or lubricant.

Our tips for safe and effective training

Remember that exercising your sex is like a workout from any other part of your body. One practice will never allow you to have the desired results. So, always combine the exercises in this program, choose the ones you like, and focus on them. When the first month of training is over, you will be used to the exercises, and you will know the ones you love. Know that you have the opportunity to customize the exercises, and we encourage you to do that, because it’s a good thing. Only, be sure to exercise for a month before you start customizing the exercises.

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