Loss of Morning Erection – Why?

You wake up one morning without erection , it can happen and you do not ask more questions than that. Except that it is several mornings that it happens and you miss your morning erection! Worse, its absence worries you … No panic, several causes can cause this loss. Explanations.

How does the morning erection happen?

According to some studies, the morning erection appears just after the paradoxical sleep phase. As a night can house up to 4 to 5 phases, a man can have up to 4 or 5 erections in a single night. These erections occur when testosterone production is at its peak, and they make it possible to verify that the system works! When you wake up naturally, ie at the time when your brain is used to doing it, the morning cudgel shows you that you are in great shape and that everything works perfectly!

Reasons for the absence of morning erections

The loss of morning erection can have different causes.

A bad sleep
If it happens only once in a while, it may be simply because your sleep pattern is out of sync! You went to bed too late, had a restless night, drank too much the night before or your meal was left on your stomach? 
If you wake up outside of the natural sleep phase, your erection is either already complete or not yet started!

A hidden disease Erectile
dysfunction can occur when certain diseases come to light such as hypertension, diabetes but also sleep apnea. If you have any doubt about this, consult your doctor and make the necessary examinations. A treatment will solve the problem easily.

Andropause, which can occur in men over fifty, causes a natural decline in testosterone levels. This can be one of the causes of the decrease of morning erections.

Stress or fatigue
Stress, fatigue, depression can cause loss of erections. At night, the unconscious takes control of your body and the tensions accumulated during the day can disrupt your sleep and therefore your morning erectile reflexes.

Bad habits of life
Tobacco, alcohol or obesity intervene in the mechanisms of erection. A healthy life will allow you to keep fit in general and a strong penis in particular!

How to cure it ?

We must first consider going to bed while being relaxed and early enough to predict 8 hours of sleep minimum. A certain lifestyle is also essential, in terms of diet by giving up fat and sugar for fish rich in Omega 3, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants, reducing the consumption of alcohol and alcohol. tobacco, of course, but also by regular physical activity to activate testosterone production . 3 to 4 hours of weekly sports are recommended to keep all its vitality.

The loss of morning erections is not inevitable and can be avoided by paying attention to his daily lifestyle, and replacing some bad habits with good to keep throughout his life!

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