Penis enlargement surgery

The mere idea of ​​having his penis incised scares and repels most men. Many men are not fans of this method of incising the penis. Even though some surgeons advise penis surgery to enlarge it, weighing the “for” and “against” of this technique is essential before moving on. Also, be aware that the success rate of this surgery is low, and the majority of men who have undergone the procedure are not satisfied with the results. To conclude, this surgical procedure can have serious side effects, and among them, note:

  • Impotence,
  • Painful or difficult erections,
  • The deformed sex,
  • The sizes and scars,
  • Loss of sexual control,
  • The unsightly appearance of the penis,
  • Damage to the complex network of nerves throughout the penis
  • Low blood flow to the penis and testicles,
  • The marks very unpleasant.

We now find different techniques to enlarge the penis through surgical methods, and you will discover later the main methods most used:

The technique of sectioning ligaments

This method of surgical enlargement involves making a small incision above the penis base to release the suspending ligaments holding part of the sex inside the body. To allow the penis to advance, the ligaments are repositioned. With this process, the results are immediately apparent, it adds an average of 4 cm in length. However, the penis will lose its ability to be hard and stand upright when erect. Also, the role of the suspending ligaments is to hold the right penis when it is erect, so that their cutting will cause the penis to hang even if it is erect. So finally, you will not be able to have a normal erection anymore, and all that for 4 cm more. This method is not recommended, since the surgery is permanent, and you will not be able to go back. Your penis will be damaged forever, and you will not be able to have an erection or a normal sexual life.

The fat transfer technique

With this other penis enlargement technique, the surgeon removes a variable volume of fat from the abdomen or inside of the thighs. This fat will be purified and placed under the skin around the penis. With this method, it is possible to increase the circumference of the penis by 30 to 50%. But it is possible that the implanted fat is reabsorbed by the body during the months following the intervention, so in the end, the penis will regain its size before. In other words, it means fat and gain in terms of circumference will disappear. Do you really want this to happen to you?

The technique of enlargement by cutaneous graft

When the surgeon makes this process it removes the strips of skin with fat on the underside of the parts of the body not visible in general in places where there are natural folds of the body. The latter are then introduced under the skin of the penis by two small incisions. The grafts are placed under the skin around the shaft to prevent lumps are visible. With this method, the penis will gain between 30 and 50% of circumference. However, this technique refers more to the creation of Frankenstein than to a real breakthrough for the male sex.

Risks in some statistics

By going through the penis enlargement surgery, here are the risks to take into account:

  • The infection rate is around 6%.
  • The formation and scar presence are about 5% of cases.
  • The operation is to be renewed on average in 5% of cases.
  • Sexual abstinence lasts between 4 and 5 weeks.

If you look closely at the picture of a man who had penis enlargement surgery missed, certainly, you do not want your sex to look like that near or far. Yet some doctors would use every means possible to have money, and go through this surgery is not left behind. Remember that such an operation costs in the 10 000 euros, and besides the price which is relatively expensive, this surgery will leave you traces which are not very esthetic, and which, in 9 cases out of 10, will make you undergo important side effects that you do not want to know. Also, keep in mind the importance of the health of your sex, it is more essential than the gains you will have. So, would not it be better to turn to our manual that effectively considers all aspects of the health and shape of your penis?

The risk of injections

To get to enlarge the penis, the surgeons use fat, they inject it into your sex, and the major problem with this technique is precisely the fat. It will certainly not help you to have bigger erections or to develop the control of your ejaculations. Also, always remember that 50% of the injected fat will disappear after about a year, which means that if you have had such surgery and want to keep the size of your sex, you will have to again to inject fat into the penis. Obviously, you will not have to opt for this solution, because the risk is not really worth it. Never consider penile surgery as an option because of the risks that are too high. You have only one penis,

With our articles, you learn how to enlarge your sex easily and naturally and how to improve your overall health. You will be taught how to exercise it healthily and effectively and how to achieve better results. The health of your body as well as your penis is very important, and our manual will help you improve it even if you have a certain age, if you have lost your erections or if you are a victim of penis shrinking. We are here to help you develop the health of your penis and its strength. Do not go elsewhere since you are at the right place if you are really determined to enlarge your penis.

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