Premature ejaculation. What is it?

What is meant by premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the fact for a man to ejaculate before he wants it or too quickly during a sexual act so he does not satisfy his partner. When men ejaculate, in general, they lose their erection quickly because ejaculation has temporarily released the state of sexual arousal.

The causes of premature ejaculation

During prehistory, our male ancestors were all premature ejaculators. The Homo Erectus was forced to mate and ejaculate very quickly because of the threat that was still hovering over him, threats that came from predators or enemy tribes. So, the less rapid and less precocious men were previously easy prey, that’s why it is only the premature ejaculators that are long-lived to procreate. Thus, ejaculation has become logically hereditary, so we all have the reflex of premature ejaculation. Of course, no evidence confirms this theory, but that does not prevent it from containing some truth. So, it is normal that men in good shape can ejaculate very quickly. Also, in terms of genetic functions and procreation,delay ejaculation . Durer is therefore an instructive behavior as does learning to drive or dance. But it is clear that it helps the man to prolong and amplify his pleasure. Also, many women enjoy orgasm or have been conditioned to love orgasm when an erect male sex penetrates them. And to have an orgasm this way, it often requires more or less continuous periods of penis stimulation. It should also be noted that premature ejaculation can be caused or intensified by psychological elements such as fear, guilt and fear of lack of sexual performance. But what man must always have in mind is that sex is much better without haste and haste. The more he gets down to preliminaries , plus he will have a long and strong orgasm. In fact, blood compaction in the genitals occurs slowly, swelling the tissues and sensitizing the millions of nerve endings in and around the genitals.

The 2 different stages of orgasm

Orgasm is divided into 2 distinct stages. This begins with the prostate surrounding the urethra as a small donut lying above the base of the male and contracting to release the fluids at the same time as the content of the seminal vesicle in the urethra. For the majority of men, it’s like a strong sneeze that starts and can not be restrained. After that, there is the step that is similar to the sneeze itself. In this case, the pelvic muscle begins to contract strongly around the bulb, and it expels the liquid to the outside under considerable pressure. The man can feel the orgasm when it happens, and he probably knows that he can ejaculate without having an orgasm, but he may not realize that he is also able to have an orgasm without even ejaculating. And that’s what he has to learn to do. For a man in his twenties, he can ejaculate while he’s in his partner for 3 minutes, and it deprives him of many pleasures, and for his partner, it deprives her twice as much satisfaction.

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