Reconstructive Options Through Vail Dentistry

In Colorado, dental patients will become involved in accidents that could lead to serious tooth damage. In fact, these accidents could affect the whole mouth entirely. A local dentist manages these requirements through reconstructive services. The following are common details about these services available through vail dentistry.

Using Dental Bonding to Restore the Teeth

Dental bonding is an effective strategy for restoring the teeth after an accident. The dentist uses a composite resin to recreate the tooth. They will build up the tooth and file it until it is restored. The dentist will use an ultraviolet lamp to cure the composite resin. This makes the repair stronger and prevents it from breaking in the future. This strategy is effective for small or large breaks in the tooth enamel.

Crowns for Additional Protection

Crowns are used to provide strength for repairs as well. Once the dentist completes a repair, they can place the crown over the tooth once it is reshaped. The crown is connected by an abutment and glued over the tooth. This is an effective strategy if the patient’s teeth are brittle after the damage occurs. This gives the patient adequate strength to chew harder substances without breakage.

Permanent Bridges and Implants

Permanent bridges and implants are more effective replacement options when teeth must be removed. The bridge provides a replacement for sections of teeth that were extracted. The patient can acquire more traditional bridges which are created in the same way as dentures. However, the dentist can also provide dental implants created like these bridges as well. Instead of individual implants, they are connected and installed via titanium roots.

Restructuring the Jawbone

The dentist can also provide reconstruction services for the jawbone. The dentist can replace an irreparable section of the jaw. They can also construct bone grafts for the jaw to strengthen it to hold implants.

In Colorado, dental patients need fast help after an accident. During an accident, they could sustain service injuries that cause tooth loss or damage. These accidents could lead to tooth loss and broken bones. Patients who need assistance from a dentist schedule an appointment right now.