Why Waste Time on Hold?

Calling any type of medical office or facility can be frustrating because a lot of time is spent on hold listen to terrible music. The phone is answered by an automated system which asks people to press a specific button for the main desk. When someone answers the first questions is always “Can I put you on hold?”, which leads to more music and more time waiting. That person comes back on the line to ask which department or office is needed. Callers are placed on hold while they are directed to that department. The entire process may repeat once the department phone is answered, which means more waiting.

There is a better way to get questions answered, find out information, and confirm dates of upcoming events. Instead of calling the facility simply visit them on Twitter. Personal and confidential information is not available, but most other information is posted. People also have the opportunity to leave comments, ask questions, and review the services. Checking online is faster, less frustrating, and eliminates the annoying music. Most medical offices and hospitals can be found on social media for the convenience of patients, employees, and potential new patients. It is also a way to keep the community informed about events, screenings, new physicians, and new services as they are added. One major medical center and hospital in Massachusetts, Lahey Hospital, for example, has almost five-thousand followers. Recent tweets included an announcement that the dermatology department moved locations, a photograph of a celebration for cancer survivors, and an accomplishment for the stroke team.

The Twitter format only allows the use of one-hundred and forty characters per post, along with a photograph or video, so the information is clear and concise. People with hectic schedules appreciate and favor this format among the options of social media sites. More than one site is often maintained by large facilities to accommodate preferences and present information in different ways geared to different target audiences. Personal medical information, such as appointments and test results, can be found on the website via a patient portal that is secure. People do not have to spend any time at all listening to music on hold.