Your Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced With an Implant Bridge

When a person is missing much of their teeth, they can feel an overwhelming amount of embarrassment about the appearance of their smile. It can be especially difficult to deal with missing teeth in the front of the smile. The dentist can now offer a special replacement for missing teeth. Instead of a traditional bridge that is attached with cement, an Implant bridge can be used for a more secure replacement.

This type of bridge is made by creating crowns for all of the missing teeth. These crowns are made to precisely replace a person’s missing teeth and are shaped and colored to blend in well with their surrounding teeth. The crowns are each joined together to form a complete bridge so they will be able to be placed in a patient’s mouth once the patient has undergone their surgical procedure for implant placement.

A patient will need to go through implant surgery to place implants for each missing tooth. This is imperative to ensure the bridge will be fully supported and able to withstand chewing pressure. In some cases, an implant will simply be placed on either side of the area that is missing teeth so support can be given. The placement of the implants will depend on the patient’s jawbone structure and their gum health.

Titanium is used to create the dental implants because titanium bonds with bone tissue. Once the implants have been put in place, the body begins creating new bone growth around the implant, securing it in place. This process takes a few months to be fully completed. On top of each implant, an abutment is screwed in place. The abutment is what will secure the bridge to the implants. These are typically made of metal when a bridge will be used.

Those who are interested in having their teeth replaced with an implant supported bridge are urged to call the dentist and schedule an appointment right away. With a consultation appointment, a person can learn if they are a good candidate for the implants so the process can be started. A bridge replaces a person’s missing teeth so they have greater confidence and chewing ability.